TrueCallingCanada Nova Scotia

About the Story:

Our story is about how a Nova Scotian farmer finds his passion and peace by following the teaches and practices of a traditional Hungarian horse archery master.


Nova Scotian farmer Lance spent his whole life among animals since his childhood along the mountains of the Fundy Bay coast. Since his early memories as a kid he has a special connection with nature, only remembering stories and adventures of his dog and spending time with his pony. When he was around 11 he wanted to ride a horse and hunt from his back with a bow like the plains native tribes hunted the bison. Even now as  a father still living surrounded by deer, sheep, cows and horses, whom he treats as family. He clearly speaks their language and understands their thoughts and this is what gives him comfort and home. During high school he started to get involved with archery, he won all the competitions at his school archery club. His life was destined to be around his passion. Many years later he felt sad in the life he was living also burned out of work, desperately looking for an escape route from the grey everydays. Eventually he bumped into a video of the famous Hungarian horseback archery grand master Lajos Kassai and finally he found what he was looking for. He was fully amazed not only by the masters skills and how he discovered them by following his heart but also the way how he organizes life and keeps his animals in a way Lance can respect very much as a farmer, they both want them to be in their natural proportions, honour their lives and to grant happiness not just for the people around them but for all living creatures. Their views seems to aligned even from the half word apart. Lance soon made up his plan to become a true Kassai follower and to spread the teaches of his philosophy as well. He build up a practice ground at the back of his farm by the ocean, founded a horse archery club and now finally he is just a few months away to welcome his master at his home for a special training session where 40 out of his local 800 follower can join them for a few days. For him it is a real dream come true.



The creators:

Katalin was involved with Lance and his farm for several month last year so she has first hand access to the location and the story. She was really touched about how Lance feels towards his passion and the grand master.

Laszlo is a professional documentary photographer focusing on segregation and isolation. Next to that he is a professional movie maker working on Hollywood blockbusters for over 17 years. Mostly responsible for digital post production, cinematography and lights and colours. His pictures and his diary can be found on this website while his professional full feature credit list here: imdb