12240343_10153806140874658_7076800716685638673_oComing from a small Hungarian town I  spent more than a decade working as a graphic artist on many international film projects. I never really felt satisfied with the modern office life and was always thinking about the next adventure waiting for me or the next travel plans. Only this nomadic lifestyle is giving me the freedom, the ultimate happiness and feeling of a meaningful life. I created this blog to give the chance to my beloved audience to see thru my eyes what I think makes our planet so wonderful: the diversity of unique cultures. What hopefully you will find different on my site is that I strongly believe that it is the people who defines a country or region, not the architecture, landscapes, museums or economic parameters… my posts are usually only about this people – my friends, I met along my way and I feel in some ways they represents the uniqueness of their culture. My goal is to give a different and honest insight to my audience in the life of ordinary (or sometimes extraordinary) people around the world and to document this usually quickly disappearing differences in our lifestyles.