Bye England

I spent four days of my life stucked in the engine-room of Psyrema underneath of the steering wheel in a rather uncomfortable position. Its already the second week of august and I should have left England a good tree month ago if I ever wanted to cross the atlantic. It is a race against time, which I hate so much.
I left my work life behind exactly for the reason to have time doing what I would like with no time constrains, stress, or any other limits… and here I am several weeks late to catch my ride to a freeish life. Anyway….
Zoli, my uncle is here already for a few days eager to leave, needless to say me too but we still have a few important project to finish. I expected this last minute things, but I never tought that I had to take apart the whole boat in the last week before departure. Without Zoli’s help I think I would still sit there underneath the deck-level chiseling out rotten wood from the steering-pedestral.
But that particular day is close, we had to drop the mooring lines which apparently is way harder than it should, you always find something you forgot about or a problem you should fix or a friend you forgot to say goodbye. It is a trap, I guess this is the reason many ppl dreaming about a free sailing life but by the end they never leave the marina. I do not want to be one of them, so I force myself, lines retracted, engine slowly spins up, and a new adventure begins…..

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