A new life


As expected, a new expedition will happen as there is always something new over the horizon… there is always a more exciting word behind the next corner…. my mind can’t rest until the whole world is discovered so to hit the road again is inevitable. I hope the journey will start this year during mid summer… but there is a lot to do still. There will be changes at this time. First of all, the blog will switch to a new language: English. The way of travel will change as well. As you can suspect from the picture there will be a sailboat involved. 🙂 Please meet Psyrema a beautiful Fjord 28CS, my new home, friend and shelter. I have her for 1.5 years by now. It was a love at first sight. Since then we get used to each other, we improved each other and we worked together hard. I become a part time amateur boat mechanic/skipper and she become a bluewater boat. But of course the aim is the same to meet the people of the far away land so travel will not only happen on sea… there will be a lots of biking, walking and kayaking involved but more on this later. The new motto is: if it is discomfortable and painful you are than closer to the reality. 🙂 Also the financial situation is different. On a long therm I will need to find some sponsors or a job I can do in the jungle or on the sea. I can start my journey without a problem and travel a good distance without worrying what to eat but after a while I will need to find a way to earn money. If you have any idea on sponsors or jobs I can do, come forward now 😀

There will be one more great difference: at this time I will do it alone.

More info will follow soon in the coming weeks.

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  1. Anya says:

    I am afraid…Anya

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