As usual on this trip the sun only shines while I’m on the bus 🙂 … which made the experience at Sheki a bit faded….. even like this I had a few nice memories… first of all, the accommodation was next to the mosque ans waking up to the muezzin here is something special. Also was nice to see a palace of the Khan which is quite simple from the outside but inside it is full with treasures…. all the walls are dotted with mosaic windows which makes the lights really sparkle inside…. old painting on every wall.. the only room without wall paintings where the one for the writers and accountants one as they had to concentrate and it would bend their thoughts. Also interesting that as they where sitting on the floor all the door-frames has a really high feet long bottom part to avoid the wind to come thru. The whole building is sort of air-conditioned or at least with the old version of it with venting channels all across the building.


The third very positive experience was the accommodation itself… the famuous Karavanseray.. and it indeed looks like if a camel caravan expected at any minute. The building was was started most probably somewhere around the 16th hundred and it is still working with the same purpose and operated by the same management. The rooms are comfortable and cheap… that is the reason I only managed to got one for two days.

Shame… I would have love to stay a bit longer… but it was time to go back to Baku anyway, to catch the boat as the Kazakh visa was on already.


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  1. gergo says:

    One more drink Lacikám?
    Itt iszunk az egészségetekre a maradék 1 házi páleszből ami maradt!
    Több posztot és fotót!!!

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