Tbilisi 2nd turn


And finally: the sun is shining!!! I was waiting for this a lot! Last minute sort of just when I decided to buy the ticket to Baku, Azerbaijan but like this with all this nice weather I voted an extra day for me 🙂

Everything looks and feels better in the sunshine so I went on a massive walking-marathon… I walked around the old town’s streets, climbed up to a viewing point up on the hill, found many interesting places to hang around… finally managed to found the sulfur bath’s and the main fort… even the locals where a touch more happy and smiley…. it really was a great idea to wait a day longer.
The next day it was time for me to take the train to Baku, Azerbaijan. It was a nice ride, although I was a bit uneasy at the beginning, all the other passengers looked a bit strange but luckily by the end I only had an old gentleman to share the cabin with. Lots of people had hardcore experience on this train, robbery, theft, even the border control is though… but I even managed to sleep a bit although I wake up with a massive headache due to the warmth..

The border crossing was easy and fun, on the Georgian side the guy was happy to practice his english with someone… he knew quite a few interesting facts about hungary, not like many other officers he was smiling all the way. The Azerbaijan side looked a bit more complicated and strict, they collected all the passports and called us one by one to the cabin… but the guy checked my papers where really friendly and he even been to hungary for a study and some partying… it seems we hungarians treated him well during his stay, as he was really nice with us too…

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