Beaten by many problems and the constant pouring rain I managed to arrive a few days ago to Gelati. Its only 10km from Kutaisi, but finally I got what I was coming for… real Caucasus scenery with that so typical green pastures, small cute villages scattered around the hills and mountain slopes, churches everywhere and a good healthy cow-smell. Gelati is exactly a place like this… was founded by king David around the early 1100, he was the one united what it is called Georgia today, that is the reason why you can soo some mentioning of him everywhere you go. There are many churches inside the monastery of the village also an academy sort of thing for the priest wannabe’s. The whole construction is really nice and finally I had a chance to take pictures inside without complain.
This is the first place where I found many tourists, mostly local but some of them speaks english and there was also a guy from russia which is a tad strange as they are not welcomed here that much.

Mad the way back to town by walking, nice experience… also wanted to visit an other monastery but it was so muddy thanks to the rain that I could not get even close.


But, by the end of the day finally I felt I got what I was coming for, so I felt maximally satisfied. Back at the hostel, the owner Georgy made a session on the special type of dominos common here at Georgia… he is a really great guy, full with information, I have the feeling that he actually made the georgian LP or at least he was the main information source. We checked my pictures together and he had a story for most of them… quite a few about how rude russians are.. It was a nice chat have not even realized it is already two in the night.

Playing dominoes is important for the gentlemans here, you can see many guys sitting on the main squares playing… they have very strange and special rules based on counting and summing the values which is usually calculated on an abacus.

THe last picture is a really good one, it is inside the historical monastery, and the guys are actually blessing the new Mercedes owned by the local businessman… first time I ever see something like this….


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