After Kutaisi and Gelati I continued my way towards the Black Sea, this is how I ended up at Batumi which supposed to be the most beautiful holiday place around here.

It is only an 2-3 hour ride from Kutaisi with a over-packed minivan. The scenery is wonderful although the Caucasus is only represented by a few small hills by here.. despite of this there is not a single levelled ground so all the crops are planted in small rice-paddy like artificial gardens. On every hilltops there is a ruin or church sometimes overgrown by the vegetation… one of my fav places here where a small family farm on top of a hill, several level of paddies below, with trees, crops and cows, really romantic setup in the so unreal green surrounding. I was really looking into to arrive to Batumi, the signs where really promising.

Than I arrived.. Batumi is nothing to do with the picture I had in my mind. It is dirty, and disappointing.. it is not helping that the rain is still pouring insanely, but this place even in broad sunshine would not been any better I feel. There are few nice places around mostly around the beachside but if you turn your head to the other direction all you will see is the dirt and pile of construction materials here and there.
This is the first time I rented a hotel-room, with the hope of a nice sleep and a well needed shower but it was not exactly like that… the room was next to the reception, so I was up all night long listening to the shouting and pub noises coming from the front room… also the bedsheets Im sure where not changed for ages… around 4am I could not take more, so I run out of my room to calm down the party outside, which magically happened although I expected a serious beating up from the really maffia looking gents hanging around the reception desk.

I decided that it was more than enough from the beachside-resorts so I turned back towards the capital, Tbilisi. I really was not ready for that 7-8 hour ride after the “nice” sleep last night… luckily the driver was really mad, and made the whole trip in less than 5.. it was mad I can say, and also Im very happy to be alive… looking back it was a fun experience, but there… I was scared to death.

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