As Tbilisi is not really the greatest city, I decided to look around a bit in the countryside if it is the same gray and depressed than I will turn towards the upper Caucasus..

I took the bus to visit the old capital, Mtskheta. The biggest sight around is the church/fort from the 4th century which is indeed very nice full with faded away paintings, foggy alleys and very devoted orthodox Georgian people. In the church georgian people are kissing everything they could in their devotion so there in a large amount of nuns cleanin the same things 24/7… some of the cathedrals are really outstanding here and not like the ones in eu, they are very clean and poor here, missing luckily the golden things and decorations…

The village itself, which is strange it could be the old capital as it hardly consist of more than a few row of buildings is actually way more maintained and happy than Tbilisi… even the rain stopped so I decided I will travel straight to Kutaisi, which is the second biggest town here already half way up in the mountains.

About the featured image: although it does not look like but it is actually a private vehicle and a flat in one… sort of like a caravan-home… the nice smiley gentleman is living in it with his wife. Interestingly the door opens only after a few kicks and to turn on the engine you have to pull some rope several times outside, but it works..

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