Georgia first day

THe bags has arrived.. never thought before I will carry them with such a joy I’m doing now. Feeling their their loss makes them lighter I think šŸ™‚

With Tbilisi I have mixed feelings… Everyone seems to be nice and friendly except the all lady who was smashing me with a plastic bottle and pouring some water on me as she entered one of the pictures I was doing.. on the other hand the city feels post war indeed… dirt roads, even in the city centre, full with mud… ruined buildings shaken to parts by the earthquake and wars I imagine… Even the weather does not help my feelings much as it is raining all the time…

Everyone is drinking constantly…. when I picked up my bags from the airport, on the way back the bus-driver was shaking his head while holding a glass of vodka that I do not have to buy a ticket if I do not have the exact amount of change as he can not give back from bigger notes.

The food is great, small bakeries everywhere… they sell really great filled/stuffed things… also they do not joke around with the portions… šŸ™‚

Everybody follows a dark dress code… the guys with a classical shiny shoes with two nuts or knots or what is that from leather while the girls has the tendency to overdo their make ups but otherwise they stick to dark colors as well.

Everybody is really committed to the church… when they saw a church everyone start to draw some crosses infront of their face.. which is good as there are churches in every 500meters… Even on the plane it was the same and also while landing the stuff announced which church will do what in the following days.

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