Arrived!! Without the bags 🙂

The morning started a bit rough, went to the airport to realize the plane was cancelled. Not the best start fro a year long adventure but gives to the excitement for sure 🙂 Quickly managed to re-schedule the flights so not long later was already sitting on the Budapest-Kiev-Tbilisi plane the only issue is that the bags have not arrived due to the short transit at Kiev. An immediate learning curve boost how to pack the bags: all the important asthma medicines where in the checked in bag…. now I know how to pack for the next flight…


The hostel is nice, clean operated by a guy with Hungarian origins, so he was very keen seeing us here. Nice room, no issues.. The city is a bit strange, in ruins I would say… at least the neighbourhood… was not any time to explore more..It has a certain post war feeling.. People are nice on the streets, everybody smiles and sips vodka everywhere. I myself bought a decent one for 2.5USD 🙂 and it tastes perfect… nothing like the one you can buy around eu… this is real vodka… soft on taste, max on effect 🙂 other than alcohols everything seems to be very cheap, shops are full with similar products..

Visibly strong police presence on the streets.. all the police-cars has red-blue lights on all the time not just in case they are running somewhere…

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  1. @simanlaci Szép kis túrára vállalkoztatok. 🙂 Tudósíts. 🙂 A vodka jó lesz fertőtlenítőnek. 🙂 Nálunk ha villog, ha nem akkor sem vesszük komolyan a zsarukat.

  2. Kolly says:

    Szia Lacika!

    Hát ezt tényleg korrekten hangzik eddig kivéve a packets lost-ot na meg a kis rush-t ;-). Nagyon vigyázzatok magatokra és persze fertőtleítsátek magatokat vodkával lefekvés előtt :-). Ez a kép meg nagyon úgy néz ki szerintem mint egy szörnyes fps game-egyik jelenete.

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