Everyone’s main worry is the visa procedures if you start to travel for a long time especially around the ex-soviet part of the world… I had the same fears…

Array of problems.. first you have to know exactly when you will be and where about which is easy usually but if you wish to factor in a B Plan for scenarios when you have to leave in a hurry of you are not allowed to cross some borders it is not that simple one can imagine. My plan was to do the first 5 more difficult visas from home and the rest on the way.. obviously my stile of traveling is not really compatible with the requirements stated by many countries…. I had some harder moments..

Georgia: my starting point, luckily for Hungarians you do not need any type of visa.

Azerbaijan: the requirement is to have an invitation letter which looked I will have one from a friend but I lost the contact, so I had to look for an alternative option last minute.. interestingly most of the touring companies did not even replied and it is hard to find any local dudes from this distance, but last minute Stantours Kazakhstan managed to solve it… they where so nice that they sent the papers before my money arrived on their side… nice guys indeed!

Kazakhstan: I need a visa but it is easy to obtain, all you have to do is to walk into the shockingly blue building of the embassy with the required papers and that is it… except if you dare to enter the gates before 10-11 before they had a chance to drink enough vodka to be relaxed… at the beginning they had all sort of problems but by giving them some time for some glass all issues disappeared and all went fine…
Kyrgyz: at Hungary it is issued by the Kazakh embassy, nothing special needed.. it looks a bit suspicious: it is actually a Kazakh visa, where the country name is crossed over and a replaced with a written sign….
Uzbek: my personal fav.. for here you indeed need an invitation letter, and the closest embassy for my is at Vienna. The letter is basically impossible to get, I contacted more than 10 touring companies, but they all wanted to have all the accommodation payed!! in advance for the whole length of the stay, which is impossible to be honest for me, first of all hell knows when I will arrive there especially with the cargo-ship schedules between Azerbaijan and Kazakhstan.. and also to pay for a room without seeing it or knowing if it exists at all it really not my style. Luckily the Kazakh Santours come to the rescue.. first they wanted the same insane bookings but since the friendly attitude with the Azery visa we managed to build a nice contact and they become extremely helpful. Super-nice boys and girls working there… all good by the end… I only had to spend 6 month sorting out this 🙂
Chinese: it is rather easy to get, the only issue here is that the visa only valid up until 60 days from the issue, which is a bit week for me, so was looking for an alternative solution. This is how I found Zsolt Cseffan, who is a professional visa organizer … without his help it is guarantied I never managed to arrange a business visa for china, which means it is valid for multiple entries and for a way extended period… Thanks Zsolt, without you Im not sure if I managed to arrange the Uzbek and Chinese papers!

By now all sorted… papers in hand, Zsolt delivered them a few days ago… all I have to do is to leave…. exciting…

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  1. kevice says:

    Nagyon jó utat nektek és várjuk majd a fényképeket!!! És persze nagyon vigyázzatok magatokra! Sok puszi: Kéri Évi

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