Travel Medicines

In my opinion preparing a proper medical emergency pack for this type of long ther traveling is very important. Fortunately my mother is a doctor so I have the best advisor you can have from inside the family… luckily she agreed to prepare everything for me so I did not had to spend way too many time with it. Most of the problem is coming from the lack of space and weight limitation I have in my bag. All the emergency pack should fit into two small plastic container.

Generally it consist of my asthma medicines, anti-biotics, first aid bandages and cleaning stuffs extended with some life saving medicines.. next to that I will have a set of needles and syringes if I will end up in a hospital and want to make sure they do not use the same needles was used on the whole floor for days before.

Everybody generally thinks that I will need a large pack of carbon tablets and sort of pills good for a running stomach but to be honest most of the doctors suggests that what has to come out it is better for everybody if it comes out quick.

On the other hand I will carry a small bag of homeopathic pills to make my mom happy, personally I consider them a joke but it is really small and light and makes my family happy, so this is the least I can do for them…

Other important thing to mention is that theoretically for some countries you need a license or a written sort of a document from a doctor or from the health ministry of your country to be allowed to bring some medicines with you. I will have two type of this papers with me, one is from the international vaccine center stating that all the medicines I have on me is absolutely necessary for my survival and well being and the other one is from my mom stating the same things but written in english and some other languages as well. I would be very sad if I would be forced to leave my nicely prepared medevac pack at some of the borders..

It is important to collect all the vaccine shots you should quite in time before the journey. If you plan to visit many places and you cover a wide range of environment you will have to have a quite freaky amount of shots and as some of them requires several follow up treatments you should start the process a few month before your departure. Luckily nowadays this chemicals are way less dangerous than a few years ago all I felt is a stronger headache which was maybe not even connected to the injections.

The biggest problem I faced is to decide about the malaria treatment. Generally speaking you have netto two options, one is Lariam, which makes you depressed…. the net is full with weird stories… while the other one -Malarone- is so insanely expensive it it simply just not possible to take for a longer period. So my decision was not to take anything and to keep at hand a box of Malarone, if shit happens at least it will act as a cure…

Just to extend a story with some post travel experience, I decided to take Doxycycline one a day for a long time, as it gives you a basic protection against all sort of blood parasites, including malaria… it will not help you with the hardcore variants, but I found it more safe to swim in the jungle rivers if I take one a day. Also my experience is that unlike what you can read online, a tablet a day will not make you light-sensitive at all to any level, so sunburn is not really a bigger factor than it is without. I can only recommend it.


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