the Plan

Since I spent the last few years with planning and preparation for the trip it is relatively hard to come out with a short and organized first post instead I will try to answer the most common questions I got here.

The trip will start on the 4th of Aprill with a short plane ride to Tbilisi, the capital city of Georgia in the Caucasus.. from there the plan includes the following countries:

Papua New Guinea

This will take around 10 month to 1 year if all goes well and why would not… Hardly can wait…

The equipment will be quite normal nothing for extreme environments… one Tatonka 85 backpack and a ThinkTank Retrospective 20 for the photo gear… cloths-wise I will have 5 set of t-shirts and 5 round of underwear, two trousers, 1 short, 2 polar, one winter jacket, a rainproof light jacket…. a pair of Teva super-fantastic hiking boots, and a crocks.

All the visas will be organized from home all up to China, from there we will do it on the borders or at the embassy of the previous countries. For Georgia as an eu citizen I do not need a visa, for Azerbaijan it is a bit more complicated, you need an invitation letter, which is not that difficult to obtain by the end of the day… the Kazakh visa is simple you do not need anything just your passport, the Kyrgyz is rather funny, you can request it at the Kazakh embassy… they will stemp in a Kazakh one, and with the pan the cross over the part where it says Kazakhstan and they just simply write Kyrgyzstan above. (I have some doubts if they will actually let us in with this one…) The Chinese visa is not particularly difficult, the only problem is that it will only be valid up to 90 days from the date they stemp in to the passport which is a bit problematic for me, so it needs a bit more attention than expected.. Of course the most difficult one is the Uzbek, despite the fact it is the year of tourism there… you still need a proper invitation letter, which I have difficulties to obtain, who is willing to do it for me want to ask for an incredible amount of money or the other option is to book and pay for all the accommodation you will stay in the country in advance … which will not work out for me….

All the medications and repeating shots are already done 🙂 was a pleasure you can imagine… other than this the incompetency of all the tropical-travel specialized doctors I tried so far is shocking, but I will do a separate blogpost about is just to sum up my experience.

That is it for now, preparations in the final stage… sleep level low… excitement high 🙂


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  1. Illisics Gábor says:

    Lacika bakker nem szórakoztok. 🙂
    Minden elismerésem, hogy belevágtatok egy ilyen útba.
    Ígérem olvasni fogom a blogodat úgyhogy csak írd szorgalmasan.
    Ha itthonról tudok segíteni valami bármit akkor a +36306509660 számon elérsz.


    Üdv. Csöpi.

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